Endodontics is the specialty concerned with the treatment of the affections of the dental pulp. The dental pulp is situated in the inside of the radicular channel and it is composed of nerves, blood vessels and conjunctive tissue. It is affected by the evolution of dental caries, pathological abrasions, fractures or periodontal affections.

In such cases, a treatment of the channel(endodontic) is required. Otherwise the affection of the dental pulp will expand in the periodontal space and the adjacent maxillary bone, causing complications that are more difficult and costly to treat. In the absence of a suitable and complete treatment the destruction of hard and supporting tissue and the loss of the tooth.


The importance of the endodontic treatment


Treatment of the channel may save a tooth, prolonging the life span of the tooth on its arcade with a few more years. Depending on the stage of destruction, the molars and premolars that undergo a endodontic treatment are recommended to be covered with crowns, to prevent subsequent fractures.


The execution of the endodontic treatment


For an appropriate endodontic treatment some radiographs are necessary at the beginning, during and at the end of the treatment. The endodontic magnifying glasses and microscope allow the doctor a direct visual control of the performed maneuvers, assuring comfort and safety conditions for the patient. This maneuvers are:


the cleaning of organic scraps from radicular channels on their entire length, under isolation;
the mechanical preparation and confirmation of channels;
the sterilization and closing with permanent non resorbable materials.


The modern systems used in our clinic assure an adequate and professional treatment of the radicular channel, resulting in a precise and correct radicular closing.


The experience and skill of the dentist assures maximum chances of success in channel treatment.


In our dental clinic, through well performed channel treatments, teeth considered irretrievable at first sight were saved successfully.


Photo gallery with before and after treatment snapshots, performed at EXCEDENT Clinic, Bucharest.

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    Before 4 After
  • Before-Endodontia
    Before Endodontia After
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    After-saer khalil
    Before saer khalil After
  • Before-Endodontia
    Before Endodontia After

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