EXCEDENT – Bucharest Dental Clinic

20 years of experience

The doctors at EXCEDENT clinic have 20 years of solid experience in medical practice, dedication and enthusiasm.

Modern equipment

Having modern equipment and creating a comfortable environment is a priority in order to be able to offer top-quality medical services.

Top-quality materials

We only use top-quality materials for conservative treatments, as well as dental prosthetics and implantology.

Treatment warranty

Because we use the best techniques, we can offer our patients warranties for prosthetic and conservative treatments done in our clinic.


At the EXCEDENT Clinic, the patients benefit from all our experience and dedication, modern technology, excellent materials and great attention to detail. We offer a wide rande of services, for both adults and children.

Dental implants have revolutionized dental medicine, replacing missing teeth without affecting the ones next to the and giving the patients back their health, smile and confidence.

A healthy, beautiful, bright smile by conservative or prosthetic means, which will give back the natural, youthful look and feel.

A wide range of surgical procedures, from extractions to dental implants, perfectly and painlessly carried out in a warm environment as the first step of a complete prosthetic treatment.

Dental facets, metalo-ceramic crowns, zircon or emax, prosthesis and complex treatments with implants, we carry them out according to the highest quality standard. The doctor-technician team has over 15 years of experience together.

The treatments for small patients are carried out with patience, professionalism and dedication, in a friendly environment, and their efforts are always repaid with a small surprise.

The prevention of dental caries is more important, simpler and cheaper than their treatment. Professional cleaning, scaling and sealings prevent cavities and parodontosis.

Coronary fillings in one appointment with materials with cavity-preventing proprieties and ceramic particles, for the perfect esthetic result, durability and stability during mastication.

Canal treatments can save teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted because of the extension of pulp lesions. In our clinic, with great patience and care, we achieve spectacular results.

Fixed and mobile braces, correctly designed and built in our clinic, help you achieve a more beautiful smile, improve facial esthetics and efficiency in mastication.

From sealing to surgical interventions, we do everything to prevent parodontosis and stop its evolution.

In a relatively short period of time, we can carry out surgical, restaurative and prosthetic treatments by collaborating with the dental laboratory.

We use modern technology and the best materials and techniques, so we can guarantee the quality of all treatments carried out in our clinic.

Our team is here to help you with any kind of information!