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Dr. Mihaela Măgureanu
Medic primar stomatologie generală

The team of EXCEDENT doctors brings science and technology to the service of your smile.

The ten dental offices and the dental laboratory are equipped with ultra-modern technology that uses artificial intelligence, and the atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable.

With long experience and continuous professional development, we guarantee dental services of the highest quality.

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  • 25 years of experience

    The specialists of EXCEDENT clinics have the experience you can rely on in medical dental practice, dedication and enthusiasm.

  • Modern equipment

    The equipment with modern equipment and the comfortable environment help us to offer you the best quality dental services.

  • Quality materials

    We use only the best quality materials, both for conservative treatments and for dental prosthetics and implantology.

Our values


We offer high-quality services beyond conventional standards to ensure a healthy, bright smile and real long-term health.


With patience, empathy and delicacy, we support you until you achieve the desired result, so that you feel like a family with us and have an unforgettable experience.


Your safety comes first. We adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and sterilization for a comfortable experience and real health.

You will have a unique treatment experience, the attention, empathy and professionalism of the entire EXCEDENT team.

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EXCEDENT dental services

An empathetic doctor-patient connection characterized by patience and understanding ensures the care you need at affordable prices. Personalized treatments, designed to preserve the naturalness of your teeth, restore your confidence and smile, reflecting your well-being.

  • Dental implant

    Dental implants have revolutionized medicine, replacing missing teeth without affecting neighboring teeth, restoring health, smile, safety and…

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    Dental implant
  • Dental aesthetics

    A beautiful, healthy and bright smile, obtained through conservative or prosthetic techniques, will restore harmony to your…

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    Professional dental aesthetics,dental aesthetics
  • Dental prosthetics

    We perform dental veneers, metal-ceramic, zirconium or e-max crowns, removable dental prostheses and complex works on implants…

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    Dental prosthetics
  • Dental braces

    Fixed and mobile dental appliances, correctly designed and executed in our clinic, improve your smile aesthetics, facial…

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    Dental braces,dental appliance
  • Periodontology

    From scaling to periodontal surgery, we do everything to prevent and stop the progression of periodontitis.

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    Periodontology,Periodontal treatment
  • Endodontics

    Root canal treatment saves teeth that would otherwise, following the extension of pulpal lesions, have to be…

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    Endodontics,Endodontics treatment of dental pulp diseases
  • Dental surgery

    A wide range of surgical interventions, from extractions to dental implants, performed impeccably, without pain, in a…

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    chirurgie dentara extractia dentara
implanturi dentare
  • Facial aesthetics

    Say goodbye to the lines that age your face and enjoy the new version of you with…

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    Facial aesthetics,facial aesthetics treatments,professional facial aesthetics treatments
  • Dental prophylaxis

    Dental prophylaxis aims to prevent dental diseases, simple and cost-effective prophylactic treatments in the long term. Professional…

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    Dental prophylaxis
  • Dentistry for Children

    Dental treatments for children are done with a lot of patience, dedication and professionalism, in a friendly…

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    Dentistry for Children,Children's dentistry,Dental treatments for children

Frequent questions

  • Who can be a candidate for dental implants?

    In general, any patient who has one or more missing teeth, more commonly in the molar area.

    Each clinical situation is unique, so it will be carefully evaluated by our team and you will be informed of how many dental implants you need and what the other treatment options are, as well as their estimated cost. There are also cases in which the patient is not the ideal candidate for a dental implant.

  • How painful are dental implants?

    The procedure of inserting dental implants is not painful, as it is performed under anesthesia.

    Post-operative discomfort is comparable to that of a tooth extraction and can be effectively managed with analgesic medications. Most patients report a quick recovery and minimal discomfort.

  • How long do dental implants last?

    The durability of dental implants is impressive, they can last a lifetime with proper care.

    The longevity of an implant depends on several factors, including the patient’s oral health, regular oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups.

    Under normal conditions, dental implants can last for decades without significant problems.

  • When can dental veneers be placed?

    If your teeth have differences in color, uneven appearance or too much spacing, or simply the shape and texture are not what you want, you are the ideal candidate for treatment with dental veneers! The treatment itself is minimally invasive, so it is not suitable to be done if before it the teeth are already affected by deep cavities, extensive fillings or dental pins (screws) have been inserted.

    In these cases, dental crowns are recommended. Also, a smile with crowded teeth cannot be corrected with veneers because the crowns of the teeth have different heights and widths at the gum line, which cannot be equalized by veneers. In this case, orthodontic treatment is recommended before and only then dental veneers.

  • Bone reconstruction – necessity or option?

    If post-extraction bone loss is high, bone augmentation is a must, because without it the teeth neighboring the edentulous will suffer and their implantation will steadily decrease.

    Also, only short and thin dental implants can be placed in a resorbed bone, which cannot withstand masticatory forces for a long time. If the bone loss is small and the dental implant is inserted in the first 3-6 months post-extraction, bone addition is optional.

  • What are dental crowns?

    Dental crowns are prosthetic works that help to maintain the arch of the tooth that suffers as a result of the evolution of caries or dental migrations. Dental crowns cover or wrap the visible part of the tooth to restore its original shape and position. Thus, it takes over all the main functions of a tooth.

    As a patient, you must know that obtaining perfect results, a beautiful, but also properly functional teeth is closely related to the experience and professionalism of dentists specialized in different fields: prosthetics, periodontology, endodontics, surgery, orthodontics.

    The specialist doctors of the EXCEDENT CLINIC have over 20 years of experience in dental medical practice, dedication and enthusiasm.

  • What are the main functions of a dental crown?

    • Aesthetics – to be similar in shape, size and color to the neighboring teeth or to match the facial aesthetics and the wishes of the patient.
    • Mastication – the crown must be modeled with precision and detail, so that the mastication process is carried out properly, without hindering the automatic movements of the mandible.
    • Phonetics – the dental crown must provide adequate support for the tongue in diction and not impede speech when in the lateral areas.
    • Increasing the strength of the tooth – the dental crown must preserve and increase the strength of the tooth.
  • Pain-free treatment with the child at the dentist?

    Children’s treatments at the EXCEDENT Clinic are painless and turned into play by the dentists, so that the little patient can cooperate and come with pleasure.

    We help cartoon characters, virtual reality and laser therapies to make the visit to the dentist a pleasant and comfortable experience.

  • Who can benefit from laser prophylaxis?

    Laser prophylaxis is aimed at children over 3 years old and adults.

    Laser treatments are very easily tolerated, most interventions last only a few minutes.

    Laser prophylaxis does not require injectable anesthesia, and the results are felt immediately.

  • How does tooth decay occur and how quickly does it develop?

    Dental caries occurs when the enamel and dentin undergo destruction in the surface and depth, under the action of bacterial plaque and interdental food debris.

    From the time the first microscopic lesions appear, until the patient notices the cavity, between 2 and 4 years can pass, depending on the quality and mineralization of the tooth enamel.

    The evolution of caries can be stopped by dental sealing, dental fillings, ceramic inlays and other modern restorative methods.

    Early reconstruction of the carious tooth prevents pulp damage, bone infections and tooth loss from the arch.

    And you will still be able to enjoy the best snack!

  • What is a dental appliance?

    A brace is an orthodontic medical instrument used to correct the position of the teeth, in the case of misaligned teeth. Specifically, dental appliances are designed to gradually straighten teeth and realign them into a normal bite pattern, eliminating problems caused by malocclusion and ultimately providing a perfect smile and functional mastication.

    At the EXCEDENT Clinic, patients often benefit from braces treatment, due to the impressive results and reasonable prices. These devices are meant to solve both aesthetic and functional problems.

    The treatment with dental braces can be completed with dental veneers, especially if it was applied later and you want a Hollywood smile.

  • Can I have an implant in periodontitis?

    Yes! The dental implant can be inserted successfully! It is important that you are periodontally stabilized before performing prosthetic work or inserting an implant.

    Otherwise, the toxins and enzymes released by the bacteria will affect the bone and gum tissue around the implant or abutment teeth, and over time will lead to the loss of the teeth under the prosthetic work and the implant.

    Periodic checks follow and it is mandatory to maintain good oral hygiene.


Discover our team of dedicated dentists with extensive experience in dental treatments. From prophylaxis to complicated interventions, we are here to offer you quality services.

What customers say about us

Buliga Doru

WOW! This is the best description of everything about SURPLUS – service, people, atmosphere, everything. You don’t feel like you’re in a dental office at all. Most impressive is the care, empathy and genuine concern for both the client’s problems and the client’s feelings, emotions and state of mind while being treated.

Professionalism, sympathy, understanding, support are just a few words that best describe all the EXCELLENT people – reception, nurses, doctors, technicians.

My special thanks go to Mrs. Dr. Mihaela Magureanu, Mrs. Chief Medical Assistant Daniela Penes and Mr. Dr. George Stuparu.

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen!

Tănase Daniel

By the way, thank you to everyone who posted reviews (positive and negative) for this clinic! The analysis of these reviews led my whole family to start, a few years ago, to treat our various ailments at Dr. Mihaela Măgureanu.

If the beginning was apprehensive due to previous experiences with other clinics, in a short time, the doctor and OM Mihaela Măgureanu, thanks to the professionalism and respect for the profession and the patient, as well as the professionalism and kindness of the other doctors, assistants, technicians, reception staff, who who work in this clinic and interacted with, made our fear disappear, SMILING and LAUGHING with confidence and made our visits to Clinica Excedent visits to friends.


Gabriela Crasoveanu

Five stars, because there are only five! Concept of a clinic of excellence.

Involvement, empathy, patient attitude, constant attention to his needs, are just some of the characteristics of this wonderful team led by Dr. Magureanu Mihaela.


Parcalabioru Tudorita

Shall I tell you how I got to the “EXCEDENT” clinic? I want to share my experience with everyone. I ended up with complicated dental problems due to periodontitis that plagued me for 30 years with all the failed treatments and traumatic experiences I had at other clinics, and with crocodile tears. Shall I tell you how I left this clinic? With the problem solved, pain free and finally with a smile on my face. Could I have reached the state of well-being now, without the professionalism, humanity, kindness, patience, devotion of Dr. Mihaela MĂGUREANU and the entire team of the clinic?!? Nooo! And let me tell you another secret, the doctor also knows how to put bandages on the soul, just in case you need it… Words are too poor to express my gratitude…

I bow down and recommend the clinic to everyone who needs quality professional dental services!

Lianu Costin

Indeed “EXCEDENT” comes from “Excellent”!

Congratulations to Dr. Mihaela Măgureanu and her team!

Constantinescu Ruxandra

Professionalism, state-of-the-art technology and staff dedication! In one word EXCELLENT!

I enjoy going every time because I know I will solve any problem. The doctors are of high quality and performance because I had the opportunity to meet at least 80% of them.

Everything I do is EXCELLENT GOOD!

Baku Irinel

The clinic, doctors, nurses and all the staff are consummate professionals, kind and full of solicitude!

Ms. Dr. Magureanu is a doctor I have rarely met – he has the patience to explain all the procedures, he is particularly attentive and the medical record is impeccable.

I am very happy with the result!! Mister. Dr. Stuparu is very good!

My sister came from the USA to be treated at EXCEDENT because she appreciates the quality services offered here!

Vlad Adrian

I stepped into the EXCEDENT clinic with a slight amount of trepidation and concern. I was going there based solely on other patients’ reviews. The feelings dissipated quickly when I met some of the EXCEDENT doctors and nurses. Having to perform a series of difficult and complicated works, I realized what a professional and attentive approach to the patient’s needs means.

I want to emphasize the strong impression left on me by Dr. George STUPARU, the surgeon “with golden hands”, as well as Dr. Mihaela MĂGUREANU, specialist in dental prosthetics, who convinced me that a wonderful doctor can also be an artist perfect.

I extend warm congratulations to the entire clinic for the high standards of humanity and professionalism!

Covei Elena

I confidently recommend the services of the EXCEDENT clinic, I was deeply impressed by the qualified and kind staff, the pleasant atmosphere, always feeling safe that I am in good hands.

I urge you to use the services of the Excedent Clinic with confidence!! 🦷

Mitrescu Mihaela

I chose the EXCEDENT clinic and I really made the best choice. I confess that I was afraid, but Dr. Stuparu’s professionalism dispelled my fear.

I can’t wait for the next appointment.

Thanks to the whole team, you guys are amazing!

Drăghici Valeriu

With my own long experience, I clearly understood the fear/reluctance of almost everyone to go “to the dentist”… At the EXCEDENT Dental Clinic, this is no longer the case!!!

The doctors and the entire staff, led carefully and professionally by Dr. Mihaela MĂGUREANU, form a team dedicated to their day-to-day activities, with the utmost care towards those who visit them and with the warmth generated by the very “chemistry” that unites this admirable team !

Visit them with confidence!

Do you have questions? Contact us and we will answer you shortly

At EXCEDENT, we are here to answer your questions and provide high quality dental services. Do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information or appointments.

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