Laser Prophylaxis

The Epic X laser is a avantgardist device with which EXCEDENT patients benefit of the prophylaxis of a wide range of problems, from herpes simplex to periodontitis or oral cancer.

The LLBT (low level laser therapy) has been studied for over 30 years and has become an extremely valuable and safe tool for treatment.


Who can benefit from laser prophylaxis?


Laser prophylaxis can be used for children over 3 years old, as well as adults or the elderly. Laser treatments are very easy to handle by the patient, most interventions take only  few minutes and do not require injectable anesthesia. The results are visible immediately after treatment.


Are the laser interventions indicated for children ?


In the Excedent Clinic we use laser treatments for children with the following situations:

  • Laser Frenctectomy: prevents and treats eating and talking difficulties in children, dyslexia, orthodontic disorders, caused by the defective insertion of the labial or lingual frenum.
  • Before cavity preparation: reduces pain in pediatric dentistry, increases child’s ability to cooperate because of it’s direct analgesic effect on nerve endings.
  • Pulpotomy of temporary teeth, without vibration and anesthesia.


Can periodontitis be prevented by laser – cleaning?


Yes! It has been scientifically proven that bacterial recolonization is slowed for 4-6 weeks by complete hygiene (ultrasonic scaling, professional brushing and airflow) followed by laser bacterial reduction (LBR).

In this way we can prevent gingival retraction, gingival bleeding, and slow the deposition of calculus, this is how the evolution of periodontitis can be prevented.

Laser cleaning LBR in case of periodontal disease prevents cross-contamination during the periodontal examination from a tooth affected (with periodontal pocket up to 7 mm) to another healthier tooth (with periodontal pocket of only 2-3 mm) and in this way, even in the same patient, the transmission of periodontitis to the entire dentition is limited.

Laser cleaning is a procedure that involves in-depth sterilization of the gingival pockets using laser tips, it is completely painless and costs only 120 lei. It takes 10-15 min for all teeth and has a minimum effect of 4 weeks.

Come and experience laser-cleaning before experiencing gingival retraction and associated sensitivity !! So you can enjoy your healthy teeth longer!


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