Dental Surgery

Oral surgery interventions are among both the most feared and the most important dental treatments. They are always part of a complex rehabilitation plan, and most of the time are carried out before applying a prosthesis or a dental implant.

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Oral surgery in our clinic


In our clinic, oral surgery procedures are neither painful nor a reason for anxiety. They are carried out in a warm, friendly envoiornment by surgeons with over 15 years of experience, with an excellent skill set that is continuously improved at national and international courses. All the team will be there to help you and offer you all the support you need.


Here are some examples:


Dento-alveolary interventions


dental extractions, including third molar and included canines odontectomies
apical resections, amputations and premolarisations
dental transplant


Surgical procedures for inserting dental implants


3D bone reconstruction with bone addition materials
dental implant inserations


Gum surgery


periodontal microsurgery
periodontal surgery interventions

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