Laser frenectomy

The Epic X Laser is an avantgardist technology for any parent who wants to have high tech dentistry when it comes to their own child.

Laser frenctectomy is an intervention more and more often demanded by pediatric, logopedic and orthodontic physicians, as the lingual and labial frenum, when incorrectly inserted, produces numerous dysfunctions of the child and affects its growth and psychosomatic development.


When is frenectomy necessary?


Frenectomy is needed when the parent or doctor observe one of the following symptoms:


  • Eating difficulties: due to limited mobility of the tongue: the child swallows without chewing, extended meal time , the child refuses the solid foods.
  • Speech difficulty: dyslexia, pronouncing certain consonants is difficult (d, t, l, r, s, p)
  • Dental eruption problems: Upper labial frenum can delay up to 6 months the eruption of the superior incisors and can cause both the appearance of a diasteme and the shortening of the upper lip.
  • Gingival retractions: in teens and adults, the lateral frenectomy stops the gingival retraction and favors the gum recovery to its original position.


Why laser frentactomy?


  • Because healing is faster and better than in classic incision frenctectomy.
  • Because it is done without scalp and without suture, only with 3 – 4 drops of anesthasia.
  • Because it is faster and easier to handle.
  • Because there is no relapse.
  • Because speech and aesthetics improve immediately and visibly.
  • Because it stops gingival retraction without scars.


What other laser interventions are indicated in children?


In the Excedent Clinic we point out the laser interventions in children in the following situations:


  • Before cavity preparation: reduces pain in pediatric dentistry, increases the child’s ability to cooperate because of the direct analgesic effect on the nerve endings.
  • Pulpotomy for temporary teeth, without vibration and pain.


Is the laser intervention in children painful?


Laser interventions are generally painless. however,In anxious children, depending on the age and the condition to be treated, local topical (gel), injectable anesthesia  or inhalation sedation can be performed.


Dr. Andra Angela, a specialist doctor with more than 20 years of experience, can guide you from the consultation to the best solution to solve the problem so that you and your child can be calm and worryless.


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