Dentistry for Children

Pedodontics, the branch of dentistry concerned with children’s teeth, requires great patience and skill. Here at EXCEDENT, we offer dental treatment services to even the littlest patients. There is no age limit for treating dental conditions. Temporary teeth must be cared for just as well as the permanent ones: failing to do so results in serious conditions that will affect the development of maxilary bones, permanent teeth, speech and the child’s social integration.

Special treatment options for children


Be it baby or efinitive teeth, we have the skill, time and materials needed for the needed treatments:


Treatment of baby teeth cavities
Permanent teeth sealing
Supervision and guiding for dental eruptions
Proffesional brushing to remove extrinsec coloring
Baby teeth extraction
Parulis treatment
Local flouring to prevent cavities
Education for maintaining a good oral hygiene


Happy children… happy parents!


Our specialist, Dr. Andra Angela, has 20 years of experience in pedodontics, includinc procedures under general anesthesia.


The appointment to the pedodontist is no longer a burden for either the children or the parents. At EXCEDENT, children are happy knowing that the treatment will be painless and, if they behave well, they get a reward.


Monitoring and improving the child patient’s health is a priority of the medical team, along with counseling for parents for the whole period of transition from temporary to permanent teeth.

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