Dentistry for Children

Children's dentistry requires patience and skill. CLINIC EXCEDENT offers dental services even to the youngest patients.
There is no minimum age limit to treat dental problems.

Children - beneficiaries of special treatments, including virtual reality

Dentistry for Children

Regardless of whether it is temporary or permanent teeth, we have the training, availability and materials necessary to carry out all the necessary treatments for your child:

  • temporary tooth caries therapy, including laser pulpotomy
  • permanent tooth seals, without pain or discomfort
  • surveillance and management of tooth eruption
  • professional brushes for removing extrinsic colorings
  • extraction of temporary teeth
  • parulis treatment
  • prophylaxiscaries by local fluoridation
  • education for maintaining dental hygiene
  • application of dental appliances
  • laser frenectomy to accelerate orthodontic treatment and treatment of dyslexia.
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Quiet children… happy parents!

Dentistry for Children

Our specialists have up to 25 years of experience in the treatment of small patients, so your child will accept interventions more easily and their duration will be shorter.

Laser interventions and those assisted by virtual reality will increase the child’s compliance with the treatment.

Dr. Iatagan Elena, orthodontist, has exceptional professional training and outstanding results in 25 years of medical practice.

The simultaneous presence of pedodontists and orthodontists in the office is a major advantage for you, as the orthodontic consultation can be performed on the same day as the pedodontic treatment.

The visit to the pedodontist is no longer stressful for the child or for you!

At CLINIC EXCEDENT, children come with pleasure to the office dedicated to them, knowing that the dental treatment will be performed without pain, and the most obedient and obedient ones are rewarded after each visit!

The entire medical team is dedicated to the supervision and maintenance of the child’s dental health, as well as to your periodic counseling throughout the period of jaw growth and teeth change.

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Frequently asked questions Dentistry for Children

Frequently asked questions about children's dentistry

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