Since 2003, the EXCEDENT clinic strived to offer its clients an unique experience of top-quality medical services. We use modern technology and the best materials and techniques, so we can guarantee the quality of all treatments carried out in our clinic.

How do I benefit from the warranty system?


The warranty applies to all treatments carried out in the clinic, as long as the patient follows the recommended maintenance plans and comes twice a year for cleaning and periodical check-ups. The warranty does not apply to dental reconstruction treatments that have been tampered with by other medics or have been affected by gum or maxillary trauma.


The prosthetics are covered by integral warranty from both the clinic and the laboratory, according to the current legislation.


Does the warranty apply to dental implants?


The warranty applies to dental implants only if the patient is a non-smoker, all the steps of the treatment (surgical and prosthetical) have been carried out in our clinic and no major accidents or systemic disorders affect the patient’s general health condition.


At the end of the treatment you will recieve a certificate of warranty for the implants, which must be kept as long as the implant exists.


How long is the warranty?


The length of the warranty period varies with the type of treatment, as follows:


2 years for composite fillings.
5 years for metaloceramic crowns and bridges.
5 years for ceramic crowns and bridges on zirconium.
10 years for integral zirconium crowns and bridges.
10 years for dental implants.
2 years for ceramic dental facets, together with the mouth nightguard protection.
2 years for partial and total acrylic prosthetics, excluding accidental fractures, loss or damage caused by poor handling of the gripping systems.


The life span of the prosthetic/restorative treatments can be much longer, if the doctor’s indications are followed. However, failing to respect the doctor’s indications leads to the reduction or loss of warranty and the cost of the reparation will be supported by the patient.


What does the warranty cover?


The warranty covers all parts of the treatments carried out in our clinic.


Our specialists will lead you from day one to the type of implant, the shape and final look that will match your expectations.


If our indications are respected, the warranty stands and you will keep the beautiful smile you want!


Our team is here to help you with any kind of information!