Tooth Transplantation

Tooth transplantation represents the movement of a tooth or dental bud almost formed in an edentate zone of the same donor. The transplanted tooth must have a morphology similar with the missing one.

Dental transplant – the alternative to dental implant insertion


The tooth that will be transplanted is extracted, is adapted/created the receiving alveolus, the tooth is immobilized in the prepared alveolus and is completed with bone addition material the spaces left empty around the root. After 2-3 weeks is evaluated the stability of the transplanted tooth and channel treatment will be made, if necessary.


The perks of dental transplant


Dental transplant presents the advantage of maintaining the bone volume, especially at young patients, with trauma in the frontal maxillary zone, but also at adult patients with terminal edentate zones, as an alternative to the insertion of dental implants.

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