Patient Testimonials

What patients say about their experience with the EXCEDENT Clinic, Bucharest.

Super services! Dr.Saer Khalil is a professional doctor and gives patients a very joyful state because of his sens of humor! Mrs. Magureanu does the same also.
I highly recommend visiting Excedent clinic!


You can visit Dr. Saer Khalil with alot of confidence. You will leave happier than you would have imagined. And that's exactly what I did ????!

Toma Elena

Dr.Măgureanu, or the tooth fairy as I like to call her, has professionalism in her soul, hands and eyes,with her warm smile she turned me into a brave patient with healthy teeth.


Absolutely gorgeous! Dr.Saer is a professional artist!

zsuzsana cerveni

I am very happy with the way I was treated by everyone. Especially by Dr.Saer Khalil, he was very careful with me and my dental problems.
I will comeback for sure and i encourage everyone to visit Excedent clinic. ❤️

Andra comusi

On January 16th, I had the pleasure to attend the official opening of the EXCEDENT Clinic.
I was impressed by the team, being very profissional, talented and most important extremely open to the patient's needs.
I recommend this clinic,because they have a professional team and because they have an exceptional leader - Dr. Mihaela MAGUREANU, whom I have known for a long time, and have enjoyed with ma family and friends the services provided by her for more than 7 years.

Lorin Dumitru

I highly recommend dr. Saer Khalil. He has a gentle touch and he whitened my teeth without damaging them. Thank you, dr. Saer for the good work!

Adrie Adlah

Dr. Saer Khalil is the best!
He's been my doctor for almost 3 years. He's very professional and he explains everything so clearly.
My first visit to him was for a root canal therapy. It went smoothly, no pain and with incredible results.
Due to his caring i have the best smile ever :))).

Petra Nasif

Dr. Saer Khalil not only found and diagnosed a severe childhood trauma to my upper incisive, but helped me treat the otherwise condemned tooth and saved it. He also cured my decades long migraine by making me a night guard. I never would have thought that such a simple thing could spare me from a lifelong of suffering! I highly recommend him for any difficult cases, I cannot express enough how much I appreciate not having resign to living with constant pain.


I highly recommend Dr Mihaela Magureanu especially if you have a fear for dentists as she has a very light touch, she hardly uses any anaesthetics.
I am also very grateful because she discovered a problem with my jaw that two English dentists before her didn’t. First class service and very professional. I highly recommend Excedent!

Gabriel Nacu

I am the most fearful patient ever and yet, Danciu Radu, DDM managed to convince me, even since we became acquainted, to “fix” everything that needed to be fixed. He showed a lot of patience, he did a lot of explaining for me and he was very handy, therefore there was no pain whatsoever involved and my smile is starting to look brighter again. I will come back every time with pleasure!

Alina P

I came to the practice with my 11-year-old son who experienced orthodontic issues. We met Mrs. Iatagan Elena, DDM, who showed care, involvement and professionalism in her work with us and the outcome is simply outstanding! I thank her from the bottom of my heart and I recommend her without hesitation anytime. A special thank you to Mrs. Măgureanu Mihaela, DDM, as well!

Gabriela Nicola

High-quality work, thoroughly provided in a fully professional way! I want to thank the entire staff and especially to Mrs. MIHAELA MĂGUREANU, DDM.

Florin Chitu

I have been terrified by the thought of seeing a dentist for over 50 years. The night before going to the dentist’s was a living nightmare for me. I won’t even mention the day when I was supposed to go to the dental practice. Recently, unforeseeable issues had me going to the dentist’s again. And God made sure that I crossed paths with an exceptional DDM: Mihaela Magureanu. I would not want to exaggerate in praising her, but she managed to have me feel so at ease, that I fell heavily asleep on the dental chair while she was working, I even snored. Thank you!

Nicolae Cinteza

We are so thankful, dr. Andra for our healthy and beautiful little teeth and for the surprises you keep giving us!

Ana Maria and Alexandra Crisan

Thanks a lot, Mihaela, for your advice and help! And for the exquisite works you have crafted on me!

Ioan Crisan

I want to thank Danciu Radu, DDM from the bottom of my heart for his skills, involvement, thoroughness, respect and patient-friendly communication to me, and for the great patience and care he offered to me throughout treatment.

Cioarec Roxana

The idea that trips to the dental practice may turn out pleasurable would probably sound like an “overstatement”, however, as patient of Mihaela Nae, DDM, I managed to get rid of the fears I once had. EXCEDENT is a practice where I enter relaxed and from where I leave more confident.

S. Ghergut

About Dr. Danciu Radu – An extraordinary Doctor of Dental Medicine that I had the honour of meeting! He is incredibly gentle, a very good professional and a role model in the sense that he prioritizes the patient’s needs and experience, by providing the latter with all necessary psychological comfort throughout treatment.

Victor Paun

When I thought I shall never regain my faith in dentists, I met Radu Danciu, DDM. With his professionalism and patience – showed during a couple of months of efforts – he helped me come with pleasure to the practice. He explained every step, every process, he made sure that I was fine and content, he focused on quality, not only on efficiency. A real success in all he achieved with me and he helped me take pride in my teeth.

Alexandru Murgila

For almost two years, caring for the teeth of all our family’s members has been entrusted to the hands of Radu Danciu, DDM. It is likely that this collaboration will last for many years from now on, given that he was the one who managed to show us that painless treatment, with patience, is possible. High-quality and professionalism are everyday values in dr. Danciu’s work. Infinite thanks!

Mara Abagiu

I have just had a complete aesthetics treatment on all teeth that I am very satisfied with. Thank you to the Excedent team and to Danciu Radu, DDM, who restored my Hollywood smile! ????

Neagu Valentina

Special thanks to Mihaela Nae, DDM for the exquisite quality of the works she has achieved with me and my wife. We are extremely content.

Jana and Gicu Tone

Excedent is a friendly environment with true professional doctors who are passionate about their profession and who show deep respect for their patients. They use state-of-the-art treatments and materials at affordable prices. I wholeheartedly recommend the experts at this practice -with a special mention of Mihaela Nae, DDM, whose patient I have been for years now.

Gheorghe Stoica, Eng.

High-quality people and services meeting patient’s expectations!
I wholeheartedly recommend Danciu Radu, DDM for his patience and know-how. He has helped me overcome my dental fear.

Godeacu Narcis

Mihaela Nae, DDM has been treating my teeth for years now. She conquered me with the professionalism and patience she showed at each of my visits. Every time she takes time to explain to me which issues she finds and which are the best ways to solve them; also, her prevention advice has always served me well! Thank you very much!

Alina R

For 18 years now, I have entrusted Mihaela Magureanu, DDM with handling my teeth-related issues. This long road we have been together on is due to the professional way, the patience and the perseverance she showed in approaching my pains and fears. She has cared for me, for all my family’s members and our closest friends with the same involvement and desire for self-improvement, showing that she is a perfectionist when it comes to restoring the health of our teeth.

Dorotheea Dogaru

Unbearable pain had me entering the Excedent Practice. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to come across an expert in the field, Danciu Radu, DDM, who managed not only to cure the issue, but did so brilliantly! I will most certainly return, on a regular basis. Thank you, Excedent!

Paraschiv Andreea

After 10 years of trial and error, back in 2007, a friend referred me to Mihaela Nae, DDM and I have been her patient ever since.

Florian Rusu, Eng.

My thanks to Radu Danciu, DDM for his professionalism and patient-friendly approach! He provided me with an excellent medical service, and it’s him I must be grateful to for replacing my “dental fear” with confidence.

P. Predescu

Danciu Radu, DDM has proved to me that dental fear is useless and that, nowadays, at a practice such as EXCEDENT and with a professional’s touch like his, trips to the dentist’s may even turn into enjoyable experiences! Thank you, doctor, for your work and for having me overcome my fear!

Andreea Farcaş

Special thanks Dr. Mihaela Nae for weeks of extensive and challenging dental work. The superb materialization of her experience and expertise 2-3 times a week for over a month, gave me implants, crowns and elimination of all cavities. Dr. Nae's exceptional dedication and professional ethics offered me professional results and total satisfaction.

Steve Hebert (Consilier senior al U.S.A. la șeful de apărare al ROU)

Dr. Mihaela Magureanu and the whole team offered professional services and extraordinary dental care. After 33 years of US Army deployment in over 9 countries, I have never experienced the dedication, enthusiasm and expertise this team provides on a daily basis. For all - thank you for what you do and how you do it!

Steve Hebert (Consilier senior al U.S.A. la șeful de apărare al ROU)

My frantic, delayed call, one Friday before a four-day national holiday, asking for an emergency treatment, was received by Dr. Mihaela Magureanu with a "Sure, come at the end of the day!" A clear example of Excedent and Dr. Măgureanu's kind heart and dedication. After releasing dental technicians for the weekend, she promptly and carefully took care of my problem - staying late after normal working hours. Seated in the quiet room, I could observe the latest state-of-the-art modern equipment ... ... and experience a relaxing and comfortable environment ......... including hundreds of photographs of many children patients on the wallpost. Dr. Magureanu clearly demonstrated the true meaning of the "hippocratic oath" and I was able to eat over the long weekend! Thank you very much!

Steve Hebert (Consilier senior al U.S.A. la șeful de apărare al ROU)

For about 16 years, Dr. Magureanu's clinic became a welcoming place for me and my family, where pain or feelings of hopelessness vanish and even existential trajectories get changed. She is a top specialist as much as she is a wonderful person. I am happy to be among the patients that have the chance of recieving the attention of a dedicated team that constantly use preventive methods, dialogue and modern, personalised procedures. Thank you with all my heart!

Mihaela P.

Dr. Magureanu and her team showed me that, no matter how afraid I was of dentists, worries fade away around them, the pain too and you can leave with a smile on your face and the confidence that everything will be alright! I wouldn't go to any other dentist! Thank you very, very much for your support and gentleness!

Teodora Puiu

Dr. Mihaela Magureanu... Skilled hands and golden soul! Thankful for all you did for my family's teeth and glad to follow your growth, I am honored to have known you since the beginning.

prof. Mihaela Puiu

Mihaela is a perfect proffessional, but also a very warm person that always makes us feel confident and comfortable, no matter the nature and complesxity of the problems we seek help for. Although we live 5 thousand kilometres apart, Mihaela remained and will remain our family's dentist, and I think that says enough about her skill and our degree of satisfaction.

Felicia and Adrian Salceanu – Barcelona, Spain

Lots of thanks to Dr. Mihaela Magureanu and her surgeon for the beautiful ceramic crowns on teeth and implants. It was full worth the trip from Ireland.

B. R. Anton

I overcame my fear of the dentist in the EXCEDENT clinic. I am very happy with the team and the high-quality materials. Dr. Mihaela Magureanu and her surgeon made the appointments a relaxed and happy time by always explaining what they do and what's next. I like that they always communicate with the patients... They are true proffessionals and I whole-heartedly recommend their services. I am happy I met two extraordinary people that are dedicated to their job.

Stefan Anghel

The dedication and proffessionalism of two medics that are faithful to Hypocrat's Oath, Dr. Mihaela Magureanu and her surgeon, helped me overcome my dental fear. Thank you with all my heart!

Letitia Ghita

A very welcoming and modern clinic, a perfectionist and friendly doctor, a warm and very pleasing atmosphere.

ing. Nicolae Ebanca

I love Dr. Andra because she made my teeth cleaner every day and now they feel very good.

Nicoleta, 11 years

Mrs. Dr, Andra, i was very happy to visit you! Thank you for keeping my teeth healthy and for the surprises. I am happy to come to you every time!

Rares, 7 years


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