Peridontitis treatment with laser

Peridontitis is a chronic infection caused by the microorganisms that colonize the surface of the tooth. The incidence of peridontitis is steadily increasing, and the worrying fact is that the patients are visiting their dentist when its already too late, they come with advanced signs of illness such as marked gingival trauma, third degree pathological teeth mobility, or even spontaneous avulsions.

How peridontitis is treated with laser ?


In EXCEDENT Clinic the laser treatment of peridontitis is done in three steps, depending on its stage:

– In incipient periodontics: complete hygiene by ultrasonic scaling, professional brushing, bicarbonate air-flow and laser-cleaning. Thus, gingival prophylaxis is done and the patient is trained free of charge for the use of the electrical toothbrush, dental floss or water jet oral irrigator at home.

– In moderate peridontitis (gingival bleeding, 2-3 mm retractions): additional to the previous step: sterilization of periodontal pockets with laser, desensitization of uncovered roots and frenectomy to stop gum retraction.

In advanced peridontitis (dental mobility, periodontal pockets 5-7 mm), mobile teeth splinting, LAPT (laser-assisted periodontal treatment) , and manual curettage of periodontal pockets which helps in the removal of diseased tissues and stimulation of healing .Treatment takes 1-2 weeks, one jaw per session.


What are the benefits of the laser in peridontitis?


LAPT (laser-assisted periodontal treatment) used before manual interventions brings unquestionable benefits to patients:

  • Prevents cross-contamination, from a very affected tooth to a healthy neighboring tooth.
  • Reduces by 50% the depth of the periodontal pockets up to 7 mm.
  • Reduces bleeding and increases the visibility of the operator field before manual curettage.
  • Gingival attachment is healthier and more durable postoperatively by slowing the proliferation of gingival epithelium and stimulating fibroblasts and osteoblasts.
  • Amplifies natural healing processes and local antibacterial immune response.
  • Reduces the sensitivity of the roots discovered by its direct effect on the dentinal tubules.


Can peridontitis reappear after laser treatment?


The periodontal disease has a complex character which requires proper treatment and periodic maintenance, both at home and in the dental office.

A treatment established from the early stages of the disease provides very good results and an absence of relapses in conscious patients.

The treatment of advanced periodontal disease is complex and is accomplished through multiple nonsurgical, surgical, restorative and occlusal balancing procedures, the laser being only a very important component in maintaining the long-term results.

The EXCEDENT clinic offers its patients at the first consultation detailed information on the necessary treatments, our doctors being carefully concerned about the evolution of your dental and periodontal health.

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