Orthodontics is a specialy field of dentistry that spots and treats the dento-maxillary anomalies. This solves aesthetic problems as well as functional ones. The treatment of such anomalies can be made with a great variety of braces, that are classified in two big categories: fixed and mobile.

Clinical cases

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Orthodontic braces in our clinic:


Mobile orthodontic braces for children


For kids, the ideal age for starting an orthodontic treatment is around 7-8 years, depending on the anomaly(there are cases in which the use of an braces are required even sooner).


This type of braces can be applied and removed from the mouth for hygiene. It is made of colorful and attractive materials.


Infantile deglutition and oral breathing may be corrected using functional equipment. They train the musculature, facilitating the recovery of the normal functions of the mouth, assuring a greater stability of the result.


INVISALIGN Mobile orthodontic braces for adults


The newest technique of removing teeth does not use brackets! It uses many sets of transparent trays, that must be changed twice a month, straightening the teeth gradually. This trays are made using a computerized technology, starting from the initial position of the teeth and ending in the desired one. It is a very discreet method, the trays being practically invisible.


Fixed vestibular orthodontic braces


The braces are applied on the permanent teeth. They can be used for children over 11 years old as well as for adults. They work via brackets, glued on the external side of the teeth, that are connected to a wire arc. We offer you:


metallic fixed braces with metallic brackets
ceramic fixed braces with ceramic brackets (white)
sapphire fixed braces with sapphire brackets (transparent)


INCOGNITO glossal fixed orthodontic braces


The fixed glossal braces represent the last generation of orthodontic braces with a specific technique of execution. They are scanned and analyzed on computer. The brackets are glued on the interior side of the teeth, making them invisible from the outside.


Orthodontic braces additionally anchored on mini-implants


Orthodontic mini-implants are modern systems of additional anchoring that allow the movement of some teeth using bone support and so preventing unwanted displacement. They are made of small screws that are positioned between the roots of two teeth. Afterwards they are connected to the rest of the fixed braces. Their insertion is made during local anesthesia and it takes approximately 10 minutes. The patient feels just a little discomfort that fades after 2-3 days. At the end of the treatment they are removed without side effects for the teeth and the gums.


During the whole treatment with dental braces, especially for the fixed ones, a lot of attention must be given to the mouth hygiene. The supervision of the orthodontist is extremely important for accomplishing the wanted result.


In our dental clinic you will find the orthodontic braces that satisfy the most your aesthetic and functional needs. An attractive and beautiful smile is guaranteed.

Our team is here to help you with any kind of information!