Orthodontic appliances and the age of children

Orthodontic appliances and the age of children

Children may be examined for the purpose of uncovering various orthodontic issues in two stages, as follows:


We recommend a panoramic dental x-ray that may show the level of crowding of the unerupted teeth, as well as other problems (supernumerary teeth, lack of certain buds…).
If there are any problems regarding the maxillary and mandibular basal bones, the therapy with functional appliances may be initiated (activators, EF trainers, etc.). Also, such appliances are able to intercept a series of harmful habits that disrupt the development of the entire dento-maxillary apparatus (thumb sucking, tongue interposition when swallowing).

Another widely encountered problem is the severe damage caused to the six-year molar; parents are not aware of the fact that this tooth is permanent and consider it to be a “baby tooth”. If these molars are irrecoverable, it is best to have them extracted, in order to allow the next erupting molar, at the age of 12, to fill in its spot.

The treatment may be started off with removable appliance, as this is the ideal age for using them and getting maximal benefits from the bone growth.


This age marks the end of most of the permanent teeth eruption, certainly, with variations above and below average.

At this point, one may observe whether the teeth have erupted correctly, whether there are any impacted teeth (frequently, the maxillary canines), supernumerary teeth (that must be extracted in order to allow for the eruption of the normal teeth), anodontia (missing buds).

In the case of anodontia, there are two possibilities: closing the space or keeping it open in order to apply a dental implant after the age of 18.

The proportions between the two basal bones are then analysed. Functional appliances may be used (if applicable) and, once all teeth have erupted, fixed appliances may be installed.

At EXCEDENT practice, your child will be carefully examined and cared for, so that the orthodontic examination may prove to be an enjoyable and entertaining experience.

We will provide you with various treatment solutions, especially tailored to the child’s need and to your resources, so that wearing an orthodontic appliance is a reason for boasting among friends, a proof of caring about dental health and about owning a beautiful smile.

Ms. Elena Iatagan, medical specialist in orthodontics, has substantial clinical experience and communicates in a very pleasant manner with children. Our satisfaction will be the happy smile of your child.

EXCEDENT – A smile for you!

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