Nursing Bottle Caries causes and complications

What are the Nursing Bottle Caries and why they appear?

Its a quite widespread dental problem that affects primary teeth due to prolonged feeding from the bottle that contins liquids with high sugar level(milk,sweetened tea,juice).

Caries lesions appear firstly on the maxillary incisors,and in severe cases it can extind to the maxillary and mandibular molars, rarely on the lower incisors because they are protected by the saliva and tongue.

Breastfeeding caries make part of this category of lesions, caused by prolonged feeding from the breast especially at night because of lactose in the aternal milk.

this type of caries is less likely to happen because infants over 1 years are are not usually feeded by breastfeeding but from bottle.

Another contributing factor in the development of bottle feeding is the poor education regarding dental hygiene for small kids, many parents consider it unnecessary.

How the mother can contribute to the prevention of the  Nursing Bottle Caries?

The way in which the infant is feeded has an important role in the apperance of caries.

After digesting food that begins at 6 months of life, increased caloric intake during the day causes that feeding is no longer necessary at night.

The confusion of waking up of the hungry of the child during the night for various reasons urges parents to feed them with the bottle.

An important role in the appearance of this type of caries is also the poor mineralization of temporary teeth as well as the cariogenic buccal flora transmitted by parents that can accelerate the occurrence of these diseases from very young ages, causing some serious complications very quickly.

What are the complications of the nursing bottle caries?

The 1st complication of the nursing bottle caries is the inflammation of the dental pulp(pulpitis) the consequence of caries progression to this level or due to coronary fracture with the opening of the pulp chamber due to the deep demineralization of the dental structure. This leads to the appearance of spontaneous pain and / or provocation when touching the affected teeth and avoiding cold, hot, or high consistency foods.

Another complication is pulp necrosis, but especially the one associated with buccal abscess that can influence (according to the child age) the mineralization of the teeth, which can erupt with some color changes (whitish or yellow spots).

In complicated gangrene with cellulite or abscess the symptoms are much more pronounced, the pain and the state of agitation of the child are much higher and the fever and the swelling of the soft parts cause the parents to present the child to the doctor as an emergency case.

Early loss of temporary teeth due to bottle nursing caries complications leads, besides the aesthetic and phonetic deficiencies, to the disruptions in both mastication and permanent tooth eruption.

How does Excedent clinic contribute to the education of mothers to prevent nursing bottle caries?

The education of future moms regarding to both eating and dental hygiene plays an important role in preventing bottle cavities. Stopping bottle feeding or at least  the nighttime feeding after the eruption of the upper incisors or after one year of age, as well as cleaning the teeth with a wet sterile gauze, are sufficient to prevent the appearance of these cavities.

If these simple measures were not taken at the first signs of dental disease (white spots, gray on the surface of the teeth, or erosion of the dental enamel), the presentation to the dentist shows that, following advice, calcium solutions application to teeth with injuries in both cabinet and at home can stop the problem at this stage, preventing eventual serious complications.

Unfortunately, as I have already said, most of the time, accentuated pain, swelling and fever are the ones that cause the first date with your dentist. Because at very young age, cooperation with the child is not so easy, some dentists do not do dental treatments for young uncooperated children. My personal experience has proven to me that through doctor / parent’s cooperation, the earlier the dental injuries are treated, the more effective the prevention of their complications is, and the child can have a painless dental treatments which eventually will lead s to better co-operation.

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