Laser implantology

At EXCEDENT clinic, the Epic X laser is used to increase patient comfort, reduce associated symptoms, and ease postoperative healing.

The laser is especially useful for large-scale interventions (sinus lift, extensive bone reconstruction, bone grafting).


How does the laser work after inserting a dental implant?


The LLLT (low level laser therapy) has been studied for more than 30 years and varies according to “target tissue” as follows:

  • On the bone: the laser stimulates the osteointegration of the dental implant recently inserted by increasing the number of osteoblasts and implicitly increases the contact surface of the bone with the implant.
  • On the gingiva: the laser stimulates healing by photo-modulation which has an effect on the cellular enzyme system. A cascade of mitochondrial chemical events is triggered by which cell growth is and closure of the operating incision area are stimulated.
  • On blood vessels: the laser increases vascularization and thus increases oxygenation of tissues, it intensifies the removal of toxins in the operating area and thus reduces inflammation and edema.
  • On the nerves: laser has an analgesic effect on peripheral nerves and biostimulation effect that reduces the incidence and duration of paraesthesia ( “numbness”) associated with regional anesthesia or mandibular dental implant insertion.
  • On the lymphatic and immune system: the laser increases lymphatic drainage, has direct anti-allergic effect and stimulates the release of endorphins. This reduces pain and edema (swelling) postoperatively.
  • On the muscles and TMJ: laser produces muscle relaxation and relieving stress of the TMJ caused by opening the mouth especially in long duration interventions and patients with  preexisting ligaments problems or arthritis.


How long does laser treatment take after insertion of dental implants?


The first laser treatment session can be performed 30 minutes after the insertion of dental implants or three-dimensional bone reconstruction.

Special biostimulating and pain therapy parts are used in 90 second sessions for 5-15 minutes, depending on the extent of the operating area.

The following 2-3 sessions can be performed, depending on the evolution, every 2 days in the first week.


What benefits does laser treatment bring after inserting dental implants?


The implantology laser has many benefits:

  • Absence of pain during the procedure.
  • Reducing pain and edema and stimulating postoperative healing.
  • Absence of incision and sutures : both implant insertion and healing abutment placement can be done by laser.
  • Increases the rate of osteointegration of implants and their acceptance by the body. Thus the prosthetic stage can be achieved more quickly.

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