About Dr. Mihaela Magureanu

Dr. Mihaela Magureanu

Primary Care Physician in General Dentistry

DMD specialist, her love and dedication to medicine has no limits. With her great energy and huge soul she created excellence in dentistry which became EXCEDENT.

Courses and competences

2018, Graduate of the course “Current techniques and management of dental whitening”.

2018, Graduate of the course “Inhalation with nitrous oxide – Protocols and resuscitation maneuvers / Basic life support / Applications in the dental office”, Lecturer Dr. Anca Calin.

2010 – present, Doctor of primary dentistry general dentistry at DENTIK 2014, Graduate of the “Training program in the field of occupational safety and health”

2003, Specialist doctor at DENTIK

2001, Confirmed doctor general specialist dentistry

1999 – 2001, Doctor of resident general dentistry at the UMF “Carol Davila”

1998 – 2003 – Doctor dentist employed at Husodent srl. and Prodent s.r.l.

1998 – 1999, doctoral trainee doctor at the U.M.F. “Carol Davila”

1997, Specialization at the Dentistry Clinic of the Faculty of Dentistry of Marburg University Germany


1998 – present, Graduate of numerous prosthetics courses and annual participant in several congresses of dentistry with aesthetic thematic and implantology in Bucharest and in the country.


Reading, horticulture

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