Dentistry services paid for in installments – the advantage lies with you!

Dentistry services paid for in installments – the advantage lies with you!

The perfect smile is one of the most notable features humans are endowed with, that they may use in order to bravely tackle the mundane struggles. An honest, beautiful and healthy smile may certainly bring a lot of new opportunities.

Unfortunately, there are several factors that fight against the perfect smile:

– Food factors: sugar, soda drinks, citrus fruits and a great deal of other foods we can buy in shops may hasten the formation of cavities and may generate further other health issues in our body.
– Genetic factors: genetic legacy cannot be controlled, however all hereditary dental conditions may be prevented or cured;
– Personal factors: more often than not, our own discipline is causing the formation of cavities. Improper hygiene habits and inconsistency in our visits to the dentist’s may nurture a minor issue into a serious one.

“Insufficient finance” – one of the most widespread excuses

When it comes to making excuses, patients have endless inspiration sources: fear of pain, dental fear, sense of embarrassment and, obviously, finance. Fortunately, with EXCEDENT all these excuses may be torn to pieces thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment, the highly-skilled medical staff and the availability of installment payment schedules. It is true that dental treatments can be expensive, however there are so many reasons advocating for undergoing treatment at present rather than later. The installment payment method available at EXCEDENT manages to argue very well in favour of a trip to the dentist’s, given that:

– It puts no financial pressure whatsoever on the patient. Patients may pay for an extensive prosthetic treatment, for the insertion of dental implants or for an orthodontic appliance in 6 monthly installments, so that they may cover their tangible daily expenses;
– Enables quick initiative. The emergence of a dental condition should send the patient to the dentist’s at once. The installment payment method allows even those who have no immediate budget allocated to this purpose to solve the dental conditions they experience.
– It is secure and cheap. The patients who choose to use the installment payment method available at EXCEDENT pay no interest or fees to all treatments and enjoy the financial flexibility they want.

In which cases are installment payment schedules advisable?

It is advisable to purchase dentistry services using the installment payment method when the costs thereto exceed the estimated budget or in emergency cases. For instance, one may choose the installment payment method for dental implants, ceramic veneers, complex prosthetics or aesthetic orthodontic appliances.

Fact remains that the availability of installment payment schedules calls for zero tolerance to “making excuses”.

Take advantage of this opportunity and we shall have a world full of smiles! ????

EXCEDENT – A smile for you!

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