Dental Tourism

Bucharest is one of the most attractive destinations for dental tourism, for both Romanians that live abroad and citizens of other countries. The most common services requested are total oral rehabilitations, implant-based treatments, dental esthetics, ceramic facets and pedodontics (the branch of dentistry dealing with the care and treatment of children’s teeth).



We offer you all these services with complete professionalism and modern technology, for significantly lower fees compared to the Western European states. We have over 15 years of experience in treating patients from Italy, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France and Spain, our greatest asset being great organizational skills. In a relatively short timespan, we can carry out complete treatments, from the preliminary to the surgical and prosthetic phases.


What can we offer you in a “dental vacation”?


Beside solving your dentistry-related problems at an attractive price, you can visit the Capital, Old Town and tourist attractions nearby. As part of the dental tourism plan we can organise visits to any location you wish, as long as it respects the appointments you would establish together with the doctors at EXCEDENT.


Planning your dental vacation


Virtual consultation


Please send a digital panoramic X-ray or CT scan
Please write a few lines to explain us your wishes and needs.


Establishing the details in accordance with your needs


We will establish together the date of the first appointment and the length of your stay. We collaborate with a travel agency , which can offer you complete services, from meeting you at the airport.


For initiating the dental tourism program, you can contact us at or completing the form below. We will send you a FREE preliminary treatment plan, which will contain the steps and duration of the treatment, as well as the cost of the procedures that you will select from our offer.

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