Dental Extractions

Dental extractions are the best known procedures of oral surgery. In our clinic, the surgeon has a vast experience, so the extraction takes place swiftly and as painlessly as possible.

Wisdom teeth extraction- prophylaxis or emergency?


Ideally, the wisdom teeth should be removed in their bud state, if they can’t erupt normally. This way, the discomfort is minimal for the patient. Sadly, most of the time patients don’t accept the procedure until the complications can’t be ignored. This is why the post-extraction discomfort is so intense.


Indications for the wisdom teeth extraction


This procedure is common, and may be carried out for different reasons, such as pain caused by the partial or oblique eruption, pressure on the other teeth, migraines, earaches or cavities that can’t be treated properly.


Replacing the extracted teeth by oral surgery interventions


Extracted wisdom teeth are not replaced by prosthetic ones, because they are not useful for mastications and, due to their position, can’t be cleaned properly.


The other extracted teeth must be replaced prosthetically as soon as possible, because their absence leads to the migration of the surrounding teeth. This causes the loss of contact points with impact on the diet, oclusal, masticatory and aesthetic disorders, as well as dysfunctions in the temporomandibular ligament, which are way more difficult and expensive to treat later. Also, any extraction not followed by prosthesis insertion is followed by bone loss, the expanding of the maxilary sinus and sometimes even the mandibular nerve is exposed.


Our clinic offers multiple options for replacing the extracted teeth. You can see them on the following page: Dental Prosthetics.

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