Bone Reconstruction

Bone loss resulting from parodontosis, dental extractions or pathological processes in the jaw bone can be compensated by tri-dimensional bone reconstruction, in order to improve the bone support of the remaining teeth or to allow for a dental implant to be inserted.

Bone reconstruction-option or necessity?


If post-extraction bone loss is extensive, bone addition is necessary. If bone is not added, the neighbouring teeth will develop disorders and will be less and less fixed. Also, only short, thin implants can be inserted in a resorbed bone, and they can’t last long if the masticatory forces are too great.


If bone loss after the extraction is not extensive, and the implant is inserted in the first 3 to 6 months after the extraction, bone addition is optional.


What materials are used?


For the procedure, we use artificial or bovine bone, special collagen or bovine pericardial membranes and internationally-omologated titanium insertions. All materials are antigen-tested, so that the human body accepts them with a minimal immunitary reaction, in normal limits.


The procedure is done in a sterile, safe environment, according to all quality standards.


Procedure performed at EXCEDENT Clinic, Bucharest.

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