About Us

The EXCEDENT practice is enlivened by a team of professional physicians who, since 2003, have made use of science and technology in service of your smile. The modern equipment, the comfortable and relaxing environment, the long-standing experience and the continuous professional development of our doctors help us to provide you with dental services of the highest quality.

A close doctor-patient relationship, based on empathy, patience and understanding of your wishes, ensures the care that you need, at affordable prices. The treatments are tailored to the specifics of each patient, with a focus on preserving the genuine quality of your teeth, in order to restore the confidence, safety and smile that show your well-being.


Please visit us and convince yourself!


You will have the opportunity to discover the most suitable services for children and adults, from dental prophylaxis to complex oral rehabilitation, in harmony with your facial aesthetics, masticatory needs and psychosomatic comfort.


We are a united, multidisciplinary team, with integrated vision, able to offer all the treatments you need in a modern and bright location, having all the technological support necessary to make your time to be maximized and to feel that the visit to us brings a change for the better in your life.

Dr. Mihaela Magureanu

Primary Care Physician in General Dentistry

Dr. Andra Angela

Medical specialist in Paediatric Dentistry

Dr. Elena Iatagan

Medical specialist in Orthodontics

Dr. George Stuparu

Medical specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Radu Danciu

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Saer Khalil


Dr. Alexandra Sarah Grigorovici

Resident physician in pedodontics

Dr. Amira Bashanfar

General dentistry practitioner

Angela Neamtu

Medical assistant

Nicoleta Pasol

Medical assistant

Oana Brandas

Medical assistant

Elena Covaciu

Medical assistant

Luiza Ene

Medical assistant

Milena Cretu


Ana-Maria Nita



Children and adults, all patients of EXCEDENT Clinic are treated both carefully, with patience and professionalism by the whole team… Day after day…


We provide state-of-the-art dental equipment for patients, in order for them to benefit from exceptional treatments: Zumax endodontic microscope, Biolase Epic X laser diode,  physiodispenser, VDW Gold & Silver endodontic reciproc motors, W&H micromotor, W&H Silent Gold turbines, LISA autoclave, modulmix, endo motor, Prophy Jet air-flow, sealers, dental loupes, special surgical lamps with LED.

Our team is here to help you with any kind of information!